About On Trac Incorporated

On Trac is committed to the FTTH industry and to serving our customers with their best interests at heart.  We bring experience, integrity, enthusiasm, honesty, and a proven record of leadership in fiber connectivity.

Founded in 2002, On Trac has served in FTTH deployments for local municipal electric companies, electric cooperatives, telephone cooperatives, CATV companies, school systems, college campuses, churches, fiber optic construction firms and a myriad of private businesses for the past 14 years. On Trac is a growing corporation with an expanding nation wide footprint. On Trac has a core focus of fiber deployment and fulfillment services with over a quarter of a million homes, business, MDU’s, schools and industrial properties of all types connected to date.

On Trac is a family-owned (Hill & Mull families), highly collaborative, and faith-driven company based in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. From our roots we are concerned about the rapid deployment of FTTH from rural underserved communities to densely populated metroplex areas. Our roots also lead us to execute projects and serve our customers with integrity, professionalism, responsibility, craftsmanship, and humility.

Whatever the need, whether it be turnkey project management from materials to customer signature on the work order, we consider it an honor to represent your high standards and become corporate and residential citizens of your community. So let us know how we might partner with your organization to accelerate high-speed connectivity and great customer service in your neck of the woods. Please contact us at any time with your questions or RFP / RFQ announcements.

Our Executive Leadership Team

Our Corporate Offices

Our Values and Vision

On Trac was built through core convictions that led the founders to the company name.  Convictions such as the centrality of trust with clients, the honest need for competitive pay and rewards, “uphill” accountability in listening to field personnel, and replicating excellence through consistency.  These dynamics are echoed in our corporate name On TRAC which reflects a philosophy of Trust (T), Rewards (R), Accountability (A), and Consistency (C).  These four components are essential for success in this competitive field.  On Trac is committed to the fiber broadband industry and to serving our customers with their best interests at heart.

While it is true that On Trac falls within the realm of telecommunications contractors, our business model rejects the characteristics of contracting.  First, we are not project centered.  We do not choose to live by short-term fiber projects and the mentality of show up, put up, cash in, and head home.  In this we are the “un-contractor”.  Our focus is long-term partnerships with key FTTx deployments to become “one of their own” and service their customers from the installation experience through the maturing of service or maintenance needs as the network peaks and beyond.  Second, we are localized.  On Trac prides itself on producing fully localized fiber installation systems- local labor, local investments, local vendors, and local commitment.  From the manager on down to the technicians in the field, our goal is to hire/train locally and support local economies.  When On Trac lands in a community we are there to stay- to become part of the culture and contribute to a healthy community.  To this point, at the conclusion of our 2019 fiscal year, 76% of all company revenue was invested in local wages to local personnel at our various local operation centers.

This “here to stay” model finds its financial support through consistent volume at a consistent location, whereas the conventional contractor lives off a financial model of “one project following another”.  The contractor model feeds road crews who invest their earnings “back home” and the presence of that contractor has no benefit to the local community in which they exercise their work.

Our initial presence in an area consists of a launch team and corporate support staff.  That team would establish the operations center and office functions, procure equipment / materials, and process the hire pool.  A secondary team of specialist installation technicians and technician trainers would follow to begin the first work orders and to train technicians over a period of months to reach required volume.  Through this process, the front office and key technician posts would be filled by local hires.  The final piece is the transition to local Project Management.  In some systems, the manager of choice comes through the local hire process.  In other systems, On Trac has elected to relocate a manager through our Management Training Program.

To date, On Trac is successful in this consistent business model across eight states and within various economies within each state.  It comes at a high price internally and requires a great deal of dedicated capital.  But it is proved sustainable and frankly it’s the right thing to do- and so we offer this in evidence of a national footprint.  The bottom line is we are small guys that operate with the professionalism of larger firms, all without ego, drama, or pride.  We serve our clients with deep integrity and honesty, and we produce quality installations with satisfied subscribers.  Our goal with clients is ultimately to become co-team members (partners) in their eyes.

We feel we confidently expose our core specialization in broadband deployments as well as our understanding of field issues and challenges in fiber drops and home installations.  These are key ingredients toward success in any small or large FTTx project.  We walk alongside similar clients / projects to partner as co-learners, co-problem solvers and co-celebrators over thousands of successful broadband end-users. We trust you will sense our commitment to the industry, to being local, and our commitment to our clients.  If you need to discuss in more detail or need clarification on anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Community Involvement

On Trac supports the local community and community initiatives. WE ARE privileged to partner with our clients in different serving and giving opportunities.


Mike Hill

Chief Executive Officer

Mike has been involved in the telecommunications industry for over 40 years and has served as a corporate director of a major national cable company. He is a founder and part owner of On Trac, Incorporated.

Monte Hill


Monte Hill has served in the field of telecommunications for over 23 years. His telecommunications career has many layers as he has served as a leader in multiple start-ups.

Arthur “Bud”Mull

Chief Financial Officer

Arthur, or “Bud” as friends call him, has had a long career in the contracting business. Bud’s financial and business expertise continues to enhance the company’s long-terms goals.

Mark Tichenor

Vice President of Operations

Mark is our newest Corporate Officer and has gravitated quickly to the FTTH industry following a successful career in higher education.