Rick McDowell named Vice President of On Trac, Inc.

Knoxville, TN / October 17th, 2023

On Trac, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Rick McDowell as Vice President of the company with a focus on company compliance.  Rick’s focus on compliance will include setting goals, providing strategic direction for our project management team and systems, and ensuring that all policies and guidelines reflect industry standards and internal rules and regulations.  Rick will also work closely with the Operations team to develop and deliver training, communications, and processes that are rooted in quality, urgency, image, customer experience, and safety.  McDowell will also oversee special assignments for the corporate office. 

Rick has been with On Trac, Inc. since 2004 and has served as a Project Manager and Director of Operations.  He has managed multiple start-ups in various locations around the United States, which include establishing advanced team personnel, implementing client standards, managing daily operations, customer service and client resolution. McDowell is familiar with all aspects of fiber broadband deployments including construction, mainline splicing, fiber management, fiber drops and end user installations. 

Rick’s attention to operational detail, care and support for our clients, and the ability to lead our management team makes him an asset to our company.  McDowell manages and oversees all functions and responsibilities of operations and leads the company in opportunities for professional training and development.

About On Trac, Incorporated

Founded in 2002, On Trac is a proven leader in connectivity with a core focus on broadband fulfillment services such as drops, splicing, installations, and maintenance.  On Trac’s service history for the past 20 years includes serving more than 30 specific fiber broadband deployments with variances of customer specifications on all phases and types of work.  To date, On Trac has serviced more than 1 million fiber broadband addresses nationwide with an ever-expanding footprint.  On Trac understands the importance of quality, urgency, image, customer experience, and safety while fitting into the culture of its client partners.  On Trac is committed to the fiber broadband industry and serving its client partners with their best interests at heart.  To learn more, visit www.OnTracInc.com