Client Partnerships

New Braunfels, TX
Serving since 2005

Bristol, TN
Serving since 2005

Johnson City, TN
Serving since 2019

Fort Collins, CO
Serving since 2019

Loveland, CO
Serving since 2020

Dalton, GA
Serving since 2003

“On Trac has been our primary FTTH partner for over 17 years. They have served us well over the years and have been a very reliable company that provides quality work and professional leadership. On Trac has always met our service needs and has played a key role in our success in this community. I would highly recommend On Trac as a partner in any FTTH deployment.”


Hank Blackwood
Dalton Utilities OptiLink | Chief Technical Services Office

Lafayette, LA
Serving since 2009

“On Trac has been a true partner with LUS Fiber and the community from day one. They are an integral part of the LUS Fiber Operations team from daily installation to emergency response.   On Trac is always professional and friendly from the administration to the field techs. It has been a pleasure to work with On Trac for the last 12 years and I’m honored to be able to continue this partnership into the future. If I had to describe in one word our overall experience in partnering with On Trac, it would be SYNERGISM.”

Ron Frye
LUS Fiber | Communication Field Operations Supervisor

Opelika, AL
Serving since 2019

“Operations are so seamless with On Trac that we don’t consider them a contractor.  They are part of our team.  They play a huge role in our success.  If I had to describe in one word our overall experience in partnering with On Trac, it would be OUTSTANDING.”

Bruce Schoonover
Point Broadband | General Manager

Cullman, AL
Serving since 2020

“Cullman Electric Cooperative (CEC) was looking for a company in which we could form a strong partnership with and one that would invest into our community in Cullman, AL. By witnessing On Trac’s professionalism and installation expertise, I was able to make the best decision for our drop and install company. As an Electric Cooperative, CEC wants to make sure that our members obtain the best services and installs with Sprout Fiber Internet. On Trac has proven to us that our member’s installs will be performed above and beyond the industry standard. I look forward to our long partnership as we help Sprout gigabit communities in Cullman, AL. If I had to describe in one word our overall startup experience so far with On Trac, it would be STUPIFYING.”


Mark Freeman
Sprout Fiber | Manager of Network Operations

Kansas City, KS/MO
Serving since 2012

Client Partnerships

Client Partnerships