On Trac, Inc. Announces Strategic Organizational Restructuring

September 22, 2022

Knoxville, TN – On Trac, Inc., a national broadband fulfillment services company, has promoted five key executives, and its Founder and President of seven years has transitioned to CEO.

Monte Hill – CEO and Majority Shareholder 

Monte Hill is transitioning from President to CEO.  Monte’s leadership philosophies have been ingrained in On Trac’s culture from the beginning, which includes a commitment to humbly serve our employees and clients.  As majority shareholder and CEO, Monte will focus on new business development and be the steward of the company’s future. Monte shared, “I look forward to building successful relationships with our team in order for us to tackle big projects together.  Our team will be the force behind our growth and successes.”

Joseph Jones (JJ) – President 

Joseph Jones (JJ), previously Executive Vice President, has been promoted to President.  Joseph is in his 18th year with On Trac and has served in many different leadership capacities during that time.  JJ has provided both strategic and servant leadership which has played a big part in the company’s growth all the while maintaining its culture which centers around quality, image, customer experience, and safety.  Joseph shared, “I am humbled and honored to step into the role of President and will ensure that our company continues to serve our client partners with excellence, that we continue to be financially disciplined, and that we promote a healthy and positive work environment for our employees.”

Chris Horn – Chief Financial Officer

Chris Horn, a former Market President in commercial banking, joined On Trac in February of 2022 as Vice President of Finance and is being promoted to Chief Financial Officer.  Chris brings 22 years’ experience in the banking industry. His experience offers a depth of financial acumen and insight that will direct On Trac’s financial goals, objectives, and budgets.

Mark Tichenor – Chief Development Officer

Mark Tichenor, previously Executive Vice President, has been promoted to Chief Development Officer.  Mark will oversee many areas within the company that include the strategic planning of new business development, cloud management, operational processes and procedures, and the development of new programs.  Tichenor has been a vital asset to the company since his arrival 13 years ago and provides a wealth of leadership centered around planning, coordinating, and assuring the implementation of corporate strategies.

Rick McDowell – Vice President of Operations 

Rick McDowell is being promoted to Vice President of Operations.  Rick has been serving as a Director of Operations for six years. His attention to operational detail, care and support for our clients, and the ability to lead our management team is what led to this new role.  McDowell will manage and oversee all functions and responsibilities of operations and will lead the company in opportunities for professional training and development.

Michael Hill – Vice President of Finance 

Michael Hill is being promoted to Vice President of Finance.  Michael has 17 years of extensive experience with On Trac that ranges from a system Project Manager to the Accounts/Payroll Manager.  Hill is known for his detailed processes, maintaining an efficient work environment, and financial discernment.  In this new role, Michael will play a key part in executing the finance team’s operational strategy and will manage monthly, quarterly, and annual financial accounts by overseeing payables, receivables, and payroll.

About On Trac, Inc.

For the past 20 years, On Trac, Inc. has been a proven leader in connectivity with a core focus on broadband fulfillment services such as aerial and underground drops, splicing, and in-home installations.  To date we have serviced over one million fiber broadband addresses across the nation with an ever-expanding footprint.  Each day we service over 475 addresses in various operations and communities.   We understand the importance of quality, image, customer experience, and safety while fitting into the culture of our client partners. On Trac is committed to the fiber broadband industry and to serving our client partners with their best interest at heart.  To learn more, visit www.OnTracInc.com 

On Trac, Inc. Announces Mike Hill Stepping Down as CEO

September 20, 2022

Knoxville, TN – On Trac, Inc., a national broadband fulfillment services company, today announced that Mike Hill, Chief Executive Officer, and co-founder, has sold his shares of the company and will be stepping down as CEO. Hill will remain with the company as a Senior Consultant and will provide consultation to the Executive Team and will help on special projects as needed.

Mike Hill has defined his career and life with hard work and acts of service.  This humble model ultimately positioned Mike in key leadership posts again and again throughout his life.  

Mike’s first job was in 1959 at the age of 9 years old. He worked to pay back a loan his Granny co-signed for at the hardware store so he could purchase his first lawn mower for work.  The lawn services of mowing, hand clipping, and raking were followed by a job making mortar in the summer of 1961.  From there Mike worked as a short order cook and curb hop at Dog and Suds restaurant in Bristol, VA.  Upward mobility moved Mike to a shoeshine stand at a two-chair barbershop where he was introduced to “production” at the rate of “$0.25 per shine.”

As Mike moved into high school and became a young adult he worked at West State Shell, a full-service gas station, where he pumped gas, changed oil, and serviced cars.  Mike says, “The local owner/operator, Robert Cowan, Jr., had a tremendous influence on me. He exemplified how to build great employee relationships, never asking anything to be done that he was not willing to do himself.” This arena was the venue that introduced Mike to telecommunications as he serviced trucks for Sammons Communications, a cable television operator.

Mike began a 30-year career with Sammons in 1969 as a lineman and service technician and ultimately had responsibility for operations all over the United States from their Corporate office in Dallas, TX.  After Sammons Communications sold in 1995, Mike went to work for Atrex, Inc., a telecommunications contracting firm based in Florida.

The last 20 years of Mike Hill’s career were co-founding On Trac, Inc. and serving as its CEO and fulfilling key leadership roles in the Fiber Broadband Association (formerly Fiber-to-the-Home Council).  Mike was first elected to the Board in 2006 and faithfully served in that role for 14 years, being the longest tenured board member in the history of the Association.  His experiences as a Board member included chairing the annual conference in 2007 and 2010 and being chosen by the Board to serve as Chairman in 2008, 2011, and 2016.  During his tenure on the Board, he was the recipient of the Photon Award in 2014 and the Chairman’s Award in 2018.  Mike will also continue to serve on the Senior Council Committee with the Association.  

Ultimately Mike stands for getting things done the right way and never forgetting people along the way.  He has served his family, church, and friends with great loyalty. Mike realizes “without God’s blessing on my life, I would be nothing. Any success, glory or honor all goes to Christ.”